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To the leader feeling anxious and overwhelmed:

Stop simply surviving and learn a new system for thriving

Ready to move from overwhelmed and frustrated to a place of balance and calm in your life and work?

As a leader, have you experienced:

Frustrations and pressures are coming from things you can’t control – frustrations from your work life, pressures from higher-ups, even things in your personal life that you want to attend to but can’t. Stress is running rampant, thanks to life challenges and exhaustion from trying to do it all, and you’re starting to worry about your own health and anxiety.

Your heart desires to serve those around you

The people you serve, the colleagues you work with, the administration you report to, and your own family. It’s all a matter of service, but the overwhelm of the job has gotten to the point where you can’t even see which way is up.

You’ve forgotten to take care of yourself

Instead of responding to these stresses in a healthy manner, your reaction has become a bit desperate in the process. You’re not eating well or sleeping enough, and the distress is taking over your body.

Is this really what you're supposed to keep doing?

You don’t have to be overwhelmed
with stress anymore.

The Empowered Mastermind is for Christian women who want to respond to the world's challenges from an inside space of grace.

We will journey together through Empowered from the Inside Out, a 7-week mastermind that will help you establish a pathway out of the fog of overwhelm and into the light of clarity and grace.

You will learn the SPARK system, a focused toolkit that will help you:

By partnering with God, using the Bible as our source of Truth, and growing with like-minded women, you will establish a reliable framework to restore your inner drive! This mastermind is designed to fit your busy life with flexible weekly lessons and reflection time that can be done during your normal devotional time.

Week 1:
Subconscious Survival

God is your master. You will gain awareness that the feelings of overwhelm, frustration, anger, and powerlessness are reactions to an environment that can become your master. You will understand that by looking at your behaviors and thoughts, you can respond to your environment from a place of God’s grace and empowerment.

You will discover:

Week 2:
Pressured Personalities

You will be able to notice and decode the messages of your body so you can develop boundary lines for balance. This will prepare you to dive deeper into the mindset behind your behavior.

You will discover:

Weeks 3-4:
Mindset Management

You will identify and replace your unhelpful mindset with a helpful one. You will explore how your mindset contributes to overwhelm and how managing it can empower you. This will help you begin the process of long-lasting change.

You will discover:

Week 5:
Resolute Responses, a Mindset Tool for Restoring Inner Peace

At the end of this week, you will completely understand that responding instead of reacting in any situation results in a more manageable life. You will have a tool to follow that will structure your response and help to make better decisions.

You will discover:

Week 6:
Prioritizing Priorities

You will have clarity on how you are spending your time, including what you are doing that is helping you have the life you want and what is getting in the way. Through reflection, you will check in with your current experiences, which will help you spot when you are living in alignment with your values and when you have stepped off the path.

You will discover:

Week 7:
Resilience Roadmap

You will understand that to build on your skill of resilience, you will implement all of your previous discoveries in a way that does not cost you more time. You will take small, consistent action steps and learn how to habit-stack for better life experiences.

You will discover:
You can change the legacy of your life and children.
Are you ready to make that happen?

Here is what others have said after taking
The Empowered Mastermind:

Hey there!

I’m Vanessta Spark, an Empowerment
Coach for Women

During my 40-year education career, I have been a high school mathematics teacher, a University Supervisor of student teachers, an Academic Dean, an Executive Director of a high school, and a consultant for several schools in Minnesota. I love everything about the mind! A multi-year depression caused partly by overwhelm and burnout led to losing a teaching job and temporarily going on disability.

I truly understand the stress and pressure that comes with being an educator and leader. But life does not have to be an endless cycle of mindlessly reacting to all of life’s challenges; we can choose to respond to the overwhelm of life from an inside place of God’s grace. A place where our mindsets are managed, our decisions are made around our priorities, and our lives are aligned with God’s will.

If you desire change – long-lasting change – it first requires awareness. AWARENESS LEADS TO ACTION! Intentional action of small, consistent steps, inspired and directed by God TRANSFORMS LIVES.
Your life!
Are you ready to see your life transformed?

Founding Members Receive:

This is the inaugural run of The Empowered Mastermind. Your contribution to our community will be valued and heard by all those that follow in your walk.

Seven weekly modules with videos and corresponding materials
four group zoom sessions
Q & A at end of Zoom sessions
Access to session recordings
1:1 Voxer time with Vanessta

Have a friend you’d like to join us? Receive a $50 gift card for our special referral incentive program!


Weekly Awakening Questions for Reflection
15 Discovery Worksheets
5 Infographics
Resilience Roadmap
YouNique Personalized Plan for Sustained Growth
Certificate of Completion

 “Vanessta, I’ve included you in the acknowledgment of my book, ‘What Is The Bible?’ as someone who significantly influenced my spiritual and educational journey. Thank you for your inspiring guidance in my life over the years. Your wise influence has shaped a lot of who I am and what I care about today. I’m excited for the future lives you’ll touch.” Karli Phelps

Hmm…but how do I really know if The Empowered Mastermind suits me?

Hold up your hand!

If you can high-five me on at least 3 of the following, this mastermind already has your name on it. If you want to:

If you can give me a high-five on 3 of these items, you owe it to yourself to take The Empowered Mastermind.

You may not be ready to join us at this time if you:

Being a part of this inaugural cohort gives you the opportunity to help shape the future aspects of this mastermind. Your feedback will change the lives of those that walk the walk after you!

Are you ready to become energized?

You don’t have to live with overwhelm anymore. How you feel now doesn’t have to be how you feel forever – and you most certainly don’t have to do it alone. We have a wonderful counselor in our Heavenly Father and the women participating in this mastermind.

This offer will support you. This offer will begin a transformation not only for you but for those that you love. This offer will guide you in developing a lifestyle where God is your Master and not the world.

A grace-filled lifestyle where you flourish and become Empowered from the Inside Out.

The 7-week course will run from June 4, 2023, to July 29, 2023. You will receive course material and recordings every Sunday. Live Zoom discussions and community sharing (optional) will occur four times. 

Plan on 15-20 minutes per day, five days a week. This would be ideal, but you can divide the daily videos and coursework in any way that works best for you!

Due to this inaugural masterminds limited nature and investment level, all sales are final. If something happens – after all, life! – simply email me at I am more than happy to apply your investment to a future mastermind or coaching that will better fit your needs.

 A mastermind is a group of like-minded people working together toward a similar goal. The women who join this mastermind will also seek the same thing you’re seeking: peace from the Lord and direction on how to live their lives. They will be educators and leaders facing burnout and overwhelm. They will accompany you to support and hold you up in this 7-week journey safely. You will see the group’s perspectives, ideas, and shared experiences. You are not alone. Similarly, the group needs to hear YOU, your experiences, and your story.

Each Sunday, you will receive an email with all the materials you will use for the week. A personal journal or a small 3-ring binder to keep your worksheets in would be ideal. Even though this is a digital world, there is discovery and clarity ( the a-ha moments!) in writing by putting pen or pencil to paper.

Voxer is a free downloadable app for your phone. You can voice message me questions, and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Each Optional Zoom session will have time allotted for questions also.

Have a friend you’d like to join us? Receive a $50 gift card for our special referral incentive program!